Owner-Operator Jobs and Carrier Placement

Owner-operators looking for work — we can help you find the right carrier.

If you’ve explored owner-operator jobs with carriers, you know that some recruiters can overwhelm you with magnificent offers and visions of freedom. As in any business, some claims are pretty accurate, and others are closer to fantasy. Starting up with a carrier and moving from one carrier to another are both expensive transitions, so you owe it to yourself and your family to try to make the best decision from the very beginning.

OOBT is not a recruiting service. We’ve been in the owner-operator business a long time and we have established relationships with carriers that we believe offer a welcoming environment for O/O success.  There are no guarantees in life, and certainly not in this business and a lot of things need to mesh favorably when choosing a carrier that closely matches your needs and expectations.

We Can Help in The Selection Process

Give us a call or submit our contact form. We’ll get back to you quickly to let you know if we’re confident of a potential match. Depending on your qualifications, needs and expectations, we can put you in touch with representatives of the right carrier for your needs. We maintain contact with carriers across all the main market segments: Dry Van, Reefer, Flat, Household Goods, Container, and more.